Why Ryan Shephard Always Wanted to Work In Emergency Services

My buddy Ryan Shephard is a wonderful man and an outstanding public servant who has not only worked for the police force and arrested plenty of bad guys, but he has also in recent years began working for the fire services, helping out in the local community. As long as I have known Ryan he had wanted to help out in the community and he actually wanted to be a doctor when he first left high school.  As soon as we left college however he was looking into working for the police or engaging in some form of community service. Ryan is a wonderful friend and a truly outstanding citizen, and I spoke to hm about why he always wanted to be in the services.

True Heroes

When Ryan was young he spent a lot of time with his dad who was a police officer, he even got to ride along with him a few times. Ryan looked up to his dad an incredible amount and he used to tell me that the real hero in life were the men and women who risked their lives each day to keep us safe. Whilst I and the rest of the kids were going crazy for celebrities, Ryan knew at an early age exactly who the real heroes in the world are.


Ryan originally went into the police force instead of the fire service because he was a big proponent of justice and the law of the land. During that time the police weren’t entirely respected and this was something which Ryan wanted to be a part of changing. Ryan served for many years in the police force before he was offered a promotion elsewhere in the country, and his job was soon to be disappearing. Ryan never wanted to move away from his home town so he left the police force and began working for the fire service, a great example of the community spirited nature which he possesses.


As long as I have known Ryan he has always been about his fitness and has always, always kept himself in great shape. The police force here have many sports teams and fitness is of course required for the job, this is something else which I know was endearing to Ryan when we were growing up. Even now at 50 years of age, he is still in better shape than half of the fire service!


Ryan aways knew that a career in the services would be a career for life, which would see him looked after financially for the rest of his days. Ryan never had dreams of being rich and famous like the rest of us, he wanted a great job with a great time, and he wanted some job and financial security.

Ryan was right about these guys being the real heroes, and he is one of mine.

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