Are You Truly Serious About Business Innovation?

An organization’s leadership style automatically produces climates that can drive change and encourage creativity. Collaborative and shared leadership automatically unlocks innovation. Many think that authoritarian management does that. This is an incorrect believe. The organizations that are using authoritarian management with top management levels controlling budgets, decisions and information in relation to employees normally have staff that is not motivated, not creative, not productive and not inspired.

We can define driving innovation as being the creation and implementation of something that is adding value. This is automatically connected with leadership innovation. You want the creative ideas to be transformed into actions. Strategic goals and visions set by upper management teams always determine if creativity is encouraged or not. Leadership is necessary, as German Trujillo Manrique mentions, because this is what creates a proper work environment encouraging people to participate so that innovation and creativity are followed. When your goal is to drive change and create innovation, all organization members have to be involved in leadership.

Innovative leadership never treats the employer as a machine. The humanity of proper leadership is obvious. If you want to create an innovative climate, you need to invite staff members to participate. All employees should feel worth, acceptance and importance. They have to be encouraged to use talents and creativity in order to improve the entire organization.

Nowadays, leaders have to balance day-to-day business and create ideas that drive change. Remaining agile and driving change will always be difficult. This is especially the case when dealing with periods that show constant change. There is absolutely no standard practice that exists when referring to innovation. However, innovation practices will become a routine. The idea is to always remain creative, new and fresh. Innovation is never unstructured or random, as some will tell you. It is definitely not getting lucky.

In any organization you need to think about innovative leadership. This has to encourage the followers as they have to focus on planning and creating strategies and solutions. Leadership is responsible for putting the entire workforce at work to find solutions that are creative. A successful organization always quickly realizes the fact that consistent innovation is a necessity.

In order to be serious about true innovation, you want to be sure that the top management of the company is highly committed. Performance and organizational reports always report if innovation is the goal. Regularly planned innovation campaigns and properly executed campaigns are highly important. Employee evaluations might even include some sort of factors that are contributing to innovation.

Keep in mind that innovation should be managed. There has to be someone in the organization that is directly responsible with implementing and analyzing innovation. Absolutely all innovation activity needs to be aligned with the objectives and goals of the organization. At the same time, you have to be sure that the innovation leaders are properly empowered so they can eliminate what is not working and approve the changes that may be needed. Investment decisions should be handled by the person that actually covers innovation.

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